A 50% deposit is required to secure your hunt. A $500.00 US deposit will secure your hunt, and then be brought to 50% when the current hunting year arrives. The Deposit is Nonrefundable within 60 days of scheduled hunt.

The deposit can be applied to a hunt at a later date, if cancellation is required. The 500.00 US deposits are refundable prior to the year of the hunt. Cancellations in a hunting year are handled on an individual basis.

License Fees

License fees are not included in the hunt costs.
Whitetail : $390.00 U.S.D. (Archery add $20.00 U.S.D.)

What to Bring

Suggested equipment for your hunting adventure

Having the right equipment plays a major roll in your hunting experience and success. I have compiled a list of items that I suggest you bring.

Hunting Rates

Available Alberta Hunts with Wolf-Creek Outfitters

Weapon Rates Zone Duration
Whitetail Deer Rifle $6250 + license zone 503 7 Days
Whitetail Deer Bow Hunt $6250 + license zone 503 7 Days
Wolf / Coyote Rifle $4000 + license zone 536 7 Days
Cous Deer Rifle $4500 zone Mexico 7 days
Goose / Duck Shot Gun $2500 + license zone 503 3 Days

Travel Information

Travel Agent

We’ve been working with Sinfonia Travel, of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and they’ve done simply a great job organizing our hunters. When it's time to make your air/hotel/car travel arrangements, contact Karen at Sinfonia phone: 1- 877-721-4044, for possible reduced hunter fares. They’ll make sure to get you into camp on time and just as importantly, on budget. In fact, most hunters comment to us about how much they saved by booking with Sinfonia.

Arrival Day

We use Sundays as our change day, so this would mean we need you to fly into Edmonton Saturday night. If you decide to fly in on Sunday, you run the risk of the airline being late with your baggage (gun cases are notorious for being lost by airlines), and if they are late, well, by the time they catch up with you, the hunt will already be started Monday morning, and you may still be in Edmonton waiting by the carousel.

Over Night Hotel

We then recommend that you stay over at the Executive Royal Inn in Edmonton (yes, shuttle bus, about a 5 minute ride) phone number 780-986-1840 or 1-888-202-3770. This is a very nice hotel with all the amenities and is the unofficial hub of the deer hunters. Mention you are on a guided hunt with me, and you will receive a discount on your room.

Car Rental

All hunters need to rent a car, or make arrangements to ride with another hunter who has a car and ride on out to camp. It is about a 2.5 hour drive to Plamondon, and I will send you a map in your confirmation package. If requested, I will also send you a list of names and the phone numbers of the hunters who will also be attending camp. You will be able to contact one of these other guys for a ride out if necessary. I’ve had to go to this system of having hunters drive themselves out to camp, because my insurance doesnt cover transportation of the hunter to camp.

Once you are in camp, I can transport you to the daily hunt, however, in order to transport you to Edmonton and back, I would have to have commercial carriers insurance. This insurance is so expensive, that I would have to pad it into the cost of your hunt, and it would be more than you would pay for a rental. Sad but true! The other problem we had was hunters tagging out early and wanting to leave early. We ended up running back and forth to the airport 6 to 7 times a week, and I need my guys guiding, not tearing off to Edmonton. I can’t do the driving, I need to be in the area, making sure your hunt runs well, not driving off. We’ve been having the hunters drive now for about ten years, and it's really working out nicely.

Flight Arrival & Departure Information

The travel aspect of your hunt is a very important part of the trip.

Allow yourself enough time at the airports for connecting flights, to arrive in Edmonton Saturday night. If flying back out on Sunday morning early, make arrangements to be back at the hotel for Saturday night. Make sure you have two locks on your gun case, pack your ammo in a separate bag, and in the original factory packaging. Make sure you carry with you your passport. You may be asked where you are hunting, you may have to show some kind of paperwork from my office, it might be wise to carry a copy of your registration in your coat pocket or with your plane tickets.

All of the above will help you arrive safe, on time, and in a good frame of mind to enjoy your hunt. Any other travel questions, please contact me, and between yourself, Karen at Sinfonia, and myself we can get you here and back.


Northern Alberta Weather

Other Information

Cell Phone Coverage


Arrivals & Departures