Guided Coues Deer Hunts

Wolf-Creek Outfitters: Viva La Mexico!

In 2015, I contracted a new hunting ranch in Mexico for Cous Deer. Little did I know how good this ranch was. Great bucks are found here, and the area is conducive to enjoyable hunting. This ranch is located at Banamichi, Mexico, in the Sonora mountains, about 2.5 hours south of Douglas, Arizona.

The ranch I contracted is about 15,000 sq. acres, and is home to very good Coues Deer hunting. I think the biggest reason is that the ranch owners run very few cattle here.  This ranch (actually three ranches together) has tall grass, areas of thick bush, good water which means lots of quality habitat for these deer. Hunting is done by walking throughout the hills, or driving the ranch roads, riding horses if desired,  and working the optics. All in all, a very good quality hunt and only four hunters for the season!

Hunting these little grey ghosts is a lot like sheep hunting, Very addictive!

Nothing finer than a Sonora sun-rise warming the hill-side, with you and your guide watching trophy rutting bucks through the spotting scope. It truly is a great mid-winter hunt, one that is probably the most enjoyable hunt available at that time of year in North America. We stay in a comfortable hacienda, right on the ranch. The rancher, the cowboys and myself all participate in the hunts. We have the option to walk, ride horses, or drive the hills, always using the optics to pick the deer out of the landscape. The cooking is by a professional cook, and we prepare authentic Mexican cuisine. Our emphasis in the kitchen is cleanness with lots of wholesome good food.  We truly do have an excellent hunt available for these little deer, and this is one of my favorite hunts to guide on.

Mexico, in January, rutting deer, big ranch, great heads, what's not to love?

Guided Wolf Hunts

One of the greatest predators and game animals on the North American continent is the wolf.

The wolf is a secretive, elusive, and very clever animal that makes a tremendous big game trophy. Hunting wolves, let alone seeing a wolf in real life, is a challenging experience! I, personally, am offering these specially tailored hunts for wolves in some of the most spectacular areas of Alberta. The hunts can be located 2 1/2 hours northwest of Calgary, Alberta. This is an area where the foothills meet the Rocky Mountains and is home to the timber wolf. The alternative hunt area is the northern boreal forest. There is many good areas we can hunt wolves in Northern Alberta and our hunt location is decided upon our observations of wolf activity.

In order to maximize your hunting opportunity as a wolf hunter, you have to be very patient, careful, and willing to possibly log some long hours either at wolf kill sites and or baits, or on a wolf trail. Our accommodation are always a clean comfortable log lodge or other heated full service facility. It's not necessary to camp out in the snow on these hunts and the camp is always enjoyable .

 Whether we set out either on foot or on horseback, or travel backwoods by truck, or use predator calls, our focus is to harvest wolves. There is no bag limits to this hunt and it doesn't end when a wolf is taken. We hunt hard with you for this elusive animal and it is guaranteed you will be in excellent wolf territory.

If you are looking for that great midwinter break and a chance to hunt one of North America's greatest predator, consider adding a Wolf /Coyote hunt to your repertoire of hunting adventures.

Guided Migratory Bird Hunts

Fall Goose and Duck Hunts

Lake La Biche is favored with outstanding migratory bird hunting. The farm fields here will be the first grain fields that a lot of these birds will see. Most of these birds come out of the boreal forest to the north and will not have seen goose blinds, decoys or hunting setups. This area has minimum hunting pressure and with unhunted birds experienced guides and the best decoys, we can offer you a spectacular duck and goose hunt. As a side note, with our unsophisticated birds, we are able to use willow blinds that allow you to sit comfortability and stand easily when it comes time to shoot. This really is an outstanding hunt with daily full limits. If you love migratory bird hunting you'll really love it in the Lac La Biche area.

Other Available Hunts