Hunting Equipment/Clothing

To make your hunt warm, safe and comfortable we suggest you bring the following items:

  • Quality binoculars: 8, 9, or 10x.
  • Quality range finder
  • Reversible (Snow camouflage to brown camouflage)
    coveralls or bibs and parka.
    You can also bring along a white, pullover type of cover-up.
  • Medium weight wool sweater.
  • Polypropylene or equivalent thermal long underwear.
    ( Either one or two-piece )
  • 3 medium weight shirts.
  • 2 pairs of wool pants.
  • 5 pairs of light socks.
  • 5 pairs of heavy socks.
  • 1 pair boots with leather uppers.
    ( Corduroy or nylon uppers makes stalking impossible!)
  • 1 pair boots heavy well insulated for stand sitting
  • 1 spare felt liners for boots.
  • 1 scarf.
  • 1 winter hat (toque) or balaclava in white camouflage.
  • 2 pairs of warm gloves or mitts. Leather is the quietest.
    ( White or gray blends are the best.)
  • Personal effects and toiletries including towels.
  • Camera and film.
  • Personalized thermos for coffee.
  • Personalized thermos for soup or stew.

If you really want the best in cold weather protection and the ultimate in camouflage hunting clothing, check out the Raven Wear link. They have the latest in hunting clothing, visit with Susan and she can set you up in the best clothing possible. Susan is really an expert and is well versed in what you will need.

You may, of course, add items if you care to. You could be in hunting towers or watching fields for several hours at a time. Warm feet, hands, and head are essential for this climate and a successful hunt. If you get cold easily, bring along a little extra protection. Hand warmers or heat packs (Hot Shots) for inside your boots and pockets work well, so you might want to pack some as well.

Don't forget your gun!

Just a quick word about rifles and calibers. These are big strong deer that can weigh over 300 pounds. I strongly recommend min caliber 30-06 with the minimum 160 grain bullet. Barrels that are exceptionally long are harder to quickly get out a shooting window, so barrel length should be no more than 26 inches.

Equip your rifle with the best optics possible and please practice with this combination prior to your hunt. All of the efforts we make all come down to the moment you squeeze the trigger. Please be prepared.

Useful Links

Transportation of Firearms to Canada

The Firearms Act is a federal law and therefore applies across the country. Provinces and territories may have additional requirements, especially with respect to hunting.

An individual must be at least 18 years old to bring a firearm into Canada.

For more information on transporting your gun use the following links.