2015 Hunting Report

Wolf-Creek Outfitters Whitetail Deer Camp Summary

The November 2015 Hunting Season was quite successful. We had our usual 18 clients spread over three weeks and each week produced results. It is always difficult to predict which week will be the best, with weather being the ultimate deciding factor, but this year all three weeks had their ups and downs. We did experience temperatures far above the norm, and what snow did fall in November was largely gone, out in the open fields. 

We harvested 14 deer out of 18 clients so our success rate was nearly 80 percent. I am never happy with less than 100 percent, but I can assure you the outfit gave 100 percent to ensure everyone had a good hunt.The weather was certainly against us, but it bode well for an easy rut for our deer. I can report that the herd came thru the rut in great shape. The post season trail cams showed some bucks definitely thinner than the pre rut cams, but it also showed that the deer were healthy and back to feeding. This winter has been a very easy one, with minimal snow and well above normal temperatures.I do not expect any winter mortality at all, as the deer have now fattened with the conditions at hand. It bodes very well for next season.

A word about the past few seasons. In western Canada, we unfortunately experienced 3 very bad winters in 4 years. These winters decimated our deer herds and when we thought we could start rebuilding, another bad winter ensued. This definitely knocked back our herds and certainly affected our mature bucks. We have persevered, and the 2015 season showed a large carry-over of bucks from 2014. We observed a great deal of 150-155 inch bucks running around rutting and these bucks will survive this mild winter. I fully expect these bucks to be fat in the spring and begin to vigorously grow antlers in May. These bucks can be expected to add 10-20% (or more) additional antler in the coming year creating a great class of deer as they hit maturity. I am very excited about the coming season and can't wait to see the bucks I get on trail cam, as they hit their stride as mature breeding bucks. In addition, the large bucks that are on our properties will still be there and can be expected to add big inches to their racks, putting them into a very special class of deer.
I believe 2016 will be a break through year for Trophy Bucks.

Thanks to all of our clients who hunted with us. Most of you have been with us for a very long time. Several new faces this year, who we appreciate coming on board to hunt with us. I look forward to hunting with all of you in the coming seasons. Also, a big thank-you to our Camp Cook Joanne McDonald who keeps the home fires going and who can always be counted on to have a very hearty meal ready for the hunters. Joanne, you make the Camp. Thank-you.
Also, a big thank-you to the Guides and Landowners who make all this possible. Your hard work and dedication to the myself and the clients are noted and appreciated. I can't say enough about the guides who always put the client first and foremost. Every success we enjoy belongs to you. Thank-you.

If you are looking for a quality whitetail hunt in 2016 and want to go with a reliable experienced outfitter, then please contact me. I have several openings left for 2016 and as stated, I fully expect it to be a stellar year. There's a large carry-over of good bucks and add that to the several large bucks that are still on our properties, 2016 will be a stellar year.

Well, that's all I've got for this year, I look forward to 2016 and what November will bring us.

Best Regards,
Bob Irvine